Curriculum Vitae

I was born and raised in Athens. I studied at the American College of Greece, where I earned a BA in Psychology. I trained in Developmental Psychology (Open University) and earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Social Psychology (MSc in Applied Social Psychology) from University of Bath in the U.K.

Upon my return to Greece, I worked with immigrant groups at the Ministry of Labor, as well as a staff consultant at Millennium L.T.D. At the same time, I was trained in the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations in Mental Health and Systemic Thinking. In 2002, I started my 5-year postgraduate training as a Group Analyst at the Institute of Group Analysis in Athens, which I completed in 2007, while at that time I studied by the renowned psychoanalyst and University professor Claire Synodinou.

In 2005, I worked with DI.KE.PSY to create groups for patients with eating disorders. In 2011, I completed a 4-year postgraduate training in Psychological Assessment Athens Institute of Diagnostic Psychology. From 2007 to 2016, I was a collaborator at the Open Psychotherapy Centre, in various departments, such as the Adult Therapy Department, the Department of Family and Child Therapy, at the Daily Psychotherapeutic Community, while maintaining my private practice.

In the context of my collaboration with the Open Psychotherapy Centre, as well as with other organisations, I have undertaken numerous presentations and seminars in Greece (Athens, Ioannina) and in Cyprus on issues of group psychotherapy, family therapy, psychodrama, clinical diagnosis, etc. Finally, I have participated in greek and international conferences with papers and publications.

Since 2016, I have been living and working privately in Cyprus, as a Psychotherapist and Group Psychoanalyst.

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